Researcher and engineer with a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Politecnico di Milano. After my academic stint, I joined a small university spin-off (fittingly named KKT) that was later acquired by Verizon Connect. A few years ago I’ve also been an intern at Google, where I worked with the team behind Google Flights.

Currently based in Italy 🇮🇹.

I’m interested in optimization and machine learning, with applications in logistics and transportation, energy, network routing.

Some of the things I’ve worked on, in the past or more recently, are:

  • Exact and heuristic methods to solve hard discrete optimization problems arising in data mining
  • Network routing problems with fairness constraints, arising in telecommunications network.
  • Nonlinear planning and scheduling problems in energy networks, possibly with uncertainty
  • Integer programming formulations for Longest/Shortest Path problems
  • Hybrid methods for vehicle routing problems
  • Machine learning problems arising in logistics and transportation

Most of my articles can be found online following the links on Google Scholar (although they don’t always point to the latest available versions).